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Open Pit Slope Depressurization Using Horizontal Drains

Open Pit Slope Depressurization using Horizontal Drains Simon Leech a, Matthew McGann b a Case Study. a PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara, Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Dept., Jl. Sr iwijaya 258 Mataram 83126, Indonesia email tel 62 81 75749564 b PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara, Mine Water Management Dept., Jl. Sriwijaya 258 Mataram 83126, Indonesia email

Development Of A Mine Dewatering And Pit Slope

A Framework for Mine Dewatering and Pit Slope Depressurization Design and Implementation. Jan 2011 ... Mining under an open pit slope results in the collapse and slide of the slope. In this paper ...

Assessment Of Performance Of Horizontal Drains In An Open

Jan 31, 2021 Leech S, McGann M 2008 Open pit slope depressurization using horizontal drainsa case study. In 10th International Mine Water Association Congress, Karlsbad, Czech Republic. Martin RP, Siu KL, Premchitt J 1994 Review of the performance of horizontal drains in Hong Kong.

Horizontal Drain Hole Programs For Slope Depressurization

Horizontal drain holes HDHs are often an integral part of the geotechnical engineers toolbox when pit wall performance is affected by porewater pressures. HDHs are commonly used or proposed for open pit depressurization systems however, data to support the design, installation and planning along with costing of these systems is often ...

Mining Hydrogeological Consulting Services Call

Our Hydrogeological Services Include Numerical modeling to design and evaluate open-pit depressurization approaches and design slope depressurization measure. Numerical modeling to predict inflows to open-pit and underground mines and to optimize dewatering programs. Evaluation of pit lake formation using analytical and numerical methods.

New Conceptualization And Uses Of Pore Pressure Model For

Figure 9. Example of pore pressure distribution top and distance of water table to pit slope bottom. For the model described, one such dewatering plan has been modeled and assessed so far. This plan aims to achieve depressurization targets for a predictive 5-year mining plan.

Making Open Pits Safer By Design E Amp Mj

The first book, Guidelines for Open Pit Slope Design 2009, links project research with best practice in open-pit data collection and management slope design, management and monitoring and mining and risk management. ... and how the performance of a slope depressurization program is monitored and reconciled with the design. ...

Guidelines For Evaluating Water In Pit Slope Stability

Description A comprehensive look at the hydrogeological procedures that should be followed when performing open pit slope stability design studies. Guidelines for Evaluating Water in Pit Slope Stability offers slope design practitioners a road map that will help them decide how to investigate and treat water pressures in pit slopes. It ...

Open Pit Mine Design Itasca International

Itasca specializes in the assessment of slope stability and design of pit slopes on bench, inter-ramp, and global mine scales. Itasca performs slope, instrumentation, and remediation design at many of the worlds largest open pit mines. Expertise in slope stability is not limited to open pit slopes. The company also routinely analyzes the ...

Open Pit Mining Equipment Pdf

The open pit mines are typically extended until the mineral resource is exhausted, or an increasing ratio of overload to the mineral makes further uneconomic. When it occurs, the exhausted mines are sometimes converted into landfills for the disposal of solid waste. However, some form of water control is usually necessary to keep the pit of the ...

Pit Slope Optimization Based On Hydrogeologic Inputs

table. Pit slope depressurization is an optional method for additional reduction of pore pressure within pit walls if this is required for geotechnical reasons. Table 1 shows a comparison of general mine dewatering and pit slope depressurization.

53 Open Pits Hydrogeology And Mineral Resource

5.3 Open Pits When the floor of an open pit is excavated below the water table, groundwater enters the pit through seepage faces that form on the pit walls and as upward flow at the pit floor. There are commonly two components to the inflow diffuse inflow widely distributed through the general rock mass and focused flow where permeable ...

Recommendations For Northmet Open Pit Rock Slope

The rocks that will form the open pit slopes at the NorthMet deposit are strong to extremely strong, with moderate to wide fracture spacing. On some slope orientations, adversely oriented ... particular if adequate slope depressurization is not achieved andor if joint surfaces are significantly altered. 2. On West Pit Sectors II and IIIa ...

Case Examples Of Open Pit Mine Drainage

Open Pit Mine Drainage by 0. L. Pentz, Vice President, Golder Associates, Kirkland, Washington, USA The methods of optimizing slope angles of open pit mines are limited. Reduction in the natural groundwater pressures is perhaps the most significant method available to the mine designer.

Open Pit Slope Design 2009 Pdf Document

Oct 10, 2015 GUIDELINES FOR OPEN PIT SLOPE DESIGN. EDITORS JOHN READ AND PETER STACEY. EDITORS JOHN READ. PETER STACEY. GU. IDELIN. ES FOR O. PEN PIT SLO. PE DESIG. N. Guidelines for Open Pit Slope Design is a comprehensive account of the open pit slope design process.Created as an outcome of the Large Open Pit LOP project, an international research

About Piteau Associates

Typical projects that we undertake include open-pit slope design, slope depressurization programs, mine water management studies, waste dumps, ARD management, underground openings, plant site foundations, landslides and geological hazards, route and site selection, roads and pipelines, sedimentation and retention ponds, acid rock drainage, mine ...

Senior To Principal Hydrogeologist Tucson Piteau

We are recognized leaders in the mining industry, in areas of open pit slope design, waste dump design, open pit and underground mine dewatering and pit slope depressurization, mining hydrogeology, water management, ARD and water chemistry, water treatment, environmental hydrogeology and baseline. Our services span field characterization, state ...

Engineering Geology Consideration For Lowwall Stability

Feb 19, 2021 Depressurization is indispensable in pit optimization and pit design Waterhouse et al. 2008. Numerical modelling in slope stability analysis for optimizing mine slope is more convincing in the result of slope stability analysis Suratha 2007 .

Jeremy Dowling President Of Piteau Associates Linkedin

Apr 15, 2016 In a career spanning over 25 years, he has wide ranging experience in open pit and underground mine dewatering, pit slope depressurization, integrated pit slope

Modeling The Dewatering And Depressurization Of The Lihir

Aug 01, 2004 The open pit at the Lihir Gold Mine, Papua New Guinea, is planned ultimately to reach more than 200. m below sea level.. Cooling and depressurization of the geothermal resource associated with the gold mineralisation is an essential part of the mining operation.

Feasibility Pit Slope Design

Pit water management for the open pit development will include surface water interception and diversion, slope depressurization and a pit dewatering system. A detailed pit hydrogeological study is scheduled to be conducted by others. The design basis for the recommended pit slope angles requires the implementation of careful

Dr Erik Eberhardt Peng

open pit design, the potential for slope failure, possible impacts on Fish Lake, and the geotechnical risk assessments carried out to date. Focus was placed on several questions provided by the Review Panel for this assignment Is the proposed open pit design reasonable and practical

Ksm 2012 Pfsu Open Pit Design Review Final 20120612

Jun 12, 2012 PFS Open Pit Stability03 ReportKSM 2012 PFSU Open Pit Design Review - FINAL 20120612.docx BGC ENGINEERING INC. 2.0 CURRENT SCOPE OF WORK To confirm that the MMTS open pits conform with the open pit slope designs provided by BGC 2011a, 2011b, 2011c the geometries of the Mitchell, Sulphurets, and Kerr pit slopes

Pit Optimization Quartz

Open Pit Slope Depressurization using Horizontal Drains a Case Study Simon Leech a, available to assist in the optimization of large open pit slopes, but it has long been realised that the reduction of and higher intensity of quartz veining. As part of the mineralization process the basic lithology has.

New Conceptualization And Uses Of Pore Pressure Model

After the initial DNE simulations, the pit areas of geomechanical concern were identified, and depressurization and dewatering plans were designed. The pore pressure distributions from these scenarios were later used again for slope stability analysis, in a feedback cycle between the hydrogeological and geomechanical numerical models to aid ...

Back Analysis Of 11351065mrl Slope Failure In Shaba Open Pit

Back Analysis of 11351065mRL Slope Failure in Shaba Open PIT. Kalonji Mbolelaarcel, Kalenga Kaunde Kasongo Jimmy. This study is about stability analysis of the Shaba open-pit, the back-analysis of the slope failure on the Eastern wall that ripped the main ramp away. The aimis replicate the factor of safety and deduct the geotechnical ...

Dewater Derisk Deliver E Amp Mj

Aug 17, 2020 So, the ability to minimize pressures from water are absolutely critical to the designs of open-pit slopes and, by far, the most cost-effective way to do it. The other option that we have is to flatten the slopes, the cost of which would be far greater than any dewatering scheme. ... In depressurization, the aim is generally to reduce pore ...

Open Pit Slope Depressurization Using Horizontal Drains

An integrated mine dewatering and slope depressurization program is necessary to increase the likelihood that mine plans can be achieved, and at an acceptable level of risk. How much slope depressurization is appropriate in a large open pit environment is difficult to quantify, and often a philosophy of more must be better has to

Citeseerx Open Pit Slope Depressurization Using

An integrated mine dewatering and slope depressurization program is necessary to increase the likelihood that mine plans can be achieved, and at an acceptable level of risk. How much slope depressurization is appropriate in a large open pit environment is difficult to quantify, and often a philosophy of more must be better has to be adopted due to the lack of integrated modelling tools that are available to assist in the optimization of the slope

Largescale Slope Depressurization Program Golder

A multi-year project to design, construct and operatemaintain a large-scale slope depressurization program at an open pit mine. Our Role. Depressurize a clay layer located within the pit wall stratigraphy, thereby allowing the excavation of the overburden slopes to a stable geometry. The project will facilitate a considerable expansion of the mine, and extend the life of the mine by 10 to 15 years.

Open Pit Slope Depressurization Study For Olimpiada Gold

Mar 31, 2021 Open pit slope depressurization study for Olimpiada gold mine Krasnoyarsk region, Russia Abstract. The Olimpiada gold mine is located in the Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia Russian Federation. The deposit is currently mined by two large open pits. The Vostochny pit has a current maximum depth of 600 m and a final planned depth of 870 m.

Depressurization Of The North Wall At The Escondida Copper

Jan 01, 2002 Concurrent dewatering and slope depressurization operations have been underway at the Escondida open pit since 1996. A hydrogeological investigation has been undertaken as part of the depressurization operation on the north wall. It has shown that there are two distinct hydrogeological units in the slope, the altered and unaltered Escondida Porphyry.